Therapy and Welfare

The support we provide

We help students who are in need of therapy sessions or welfare support in a variety of ways, from emotional and mental health first-aid through to ongoing programmes as required.

With highly skilled teaching and support staff available within school, along with access to external specialists such as educational psychologists and trained therapists, we are able to give each student the specific support they need.

Speech and language therapies are available to develop students’ communication and social skills, and trained counsellors can help students address issues in their lives as they arise. Each student also benefits from having key members of our team who are dedicated to giving them advice and guidance, mentoring them, inspiring them and ensuring that frequent communication between school and home is maintained.

Our school has been designed to make sure all these activities, from regular therapy sessions to ad hoc conversations and confidential counselling, can take place comfortably and effectively in spaces dedicated to the task.