Learning Environment


All our classrooms are spacious and well equipped with the latest learning technology including interactive whiteboards and laptops for the students’ use.

Our entire site has been fully refurbished to the highest standards, providing plenty of space for group sessions, one-to-one learning and independent activities. There are sensory areas too, providing students with a calming, safe space when required.

Our nurturing approach

We are here to inspire, support and challenge our students, and the way we do that is to take a nurturing approach to their education.

We establish trust and build relationships, developing individual learning programmes determined by each student’s needs. Our environment has been carefully designed to help students feel safe and secure, and our skilled team ensures that all learning at Medway Green is underpinned by a concern for each child’s emotional wellbeing.

Our curriculum

Every student is different, so we tailor our curriculum to each child’s needs.

Whatever their level of ability, their programme is personalised to them and is designed to stimulate their interest and inspire a love of learning.

At the heart of our curriculum are the core skills of literacy and numeracy. We also make sure the education we offer is relevant to the child’s experience of the real world, enabling them to apply what they learn in the everyday environment. Social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of their development are important too, and form an essential part of the Medway Green curriculum.

Curiosity and creativity help our students to expand their own horizons, so we offer them a wide range of opportunities to explore their wider world – both literally and figuratively. From outdoor learning and educational visits that take them beyond our walls, to topics such as PSHE, citizenship and personal development, we help them gain a greater understanding of what it means to live in modern Britain.

We recognise that there are many ways to learn and develop personal skills, so we enable students to engage in a variety of activities and projects. Visiting educators are often welcomed into the school to further inspire the children, and we make sure there is plenty of time and space for individual therapy sessions and personal mentoring.

Supporting children

Students welfare at the heart of everything that we do.

Staff are highly trained in safeguarding and passionate about achieving the best outcomes for our students. Each student has a provision plan suited to their individual needs and desired outcomes and adults within the school are trained to not only support academically but with all social and emotional interactions, to help our children to learn to self-regulate and interact successfully with others.