Our Education Provision

Education at Medway Green begins with a belief in the importance of building trust between individual students and the wider school community.

Our small classes help these relationships to be established and to develop, with up to eight students per class along with at least one teacher and one teaching assistant. These adult role models are with the children for the majority of each day.

Our school environment has been carefully designed to cater for students with a range of special needs, including those with autistic spectrum conditions who benefit from highly structured learning in spaces tailored to their requirements. Our site, with its generous provision of outdoor space, also enables us to offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning whenever this is appropriate to individual needs. Many students are also inspired by educational visits beyond the school environment, so we build these visits into our curriculum, helping to stimulate their imaginations and nurture their fascination with the wider world.

Every member of our team has been carefully selected for the skills and professionalism they bring to Medway Green, including experience of working with challenging students and ability to help them fulfil their potential. We have high expectations when it comes to students’ behaviour, and we make sure their learning experience is complemented by the support they need to improve in this regard. Our weekly reward system reinforces the importance of good behaviour, opening up access to a range of activities.

Although the relationships we build with students are at the heart of what we do, we also value our bond with the children’s parents and carers, and believe it is our duty to keep them well informed. Frequent communications help us establish consistency between home and school, ensuring that students are comfortable and happy as they transition between the two.